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Ashley and the Aurora - Random Wish Kid Photo

Ronn Murray Ashley Aurora Northern Lights Make-A-Wish
Ashley remembers those chilly nights with her dad ... bundling up against the falling temperatures, gazing at the stars, hoping for meteors to sparkle in the night sky. Those nights instilled in Ashley wonder toward the universe and all its marvels. At some point, she learned of the aurora borealis .... for years, she imagined what it must be like to watch the green glow undulate across the sky. And she dreamed of the chance to see them in-person.

The photo you now see was taken the night she finally witnessed the Northern Lights in-person. Photographer Ronn Murray, an expert at turning the aurora into art, preserved this moment for Ashley.

Ashley’s journey to see this phenomenon - a sight that has captivated people throughout human existence - began when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thanks to chemotherapy treatments and careful attention from her physicians, Ashley feels like the worst is behind her.

"There are still microscopic amounts, but we don't have to worry about major, major treatments," she told local media.

The entire family shares her confidence. Ashley's mother, Shannon, wouldn't be surprised to see her earn a PhD one day.

Is this photo of a wondrous moment in Alaska the very beginning of Ashley's future? I believe it is. And I imagine Ashley does, too.

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